Portable Refrigerated Ice Hockey Rink Package 28ft x 46ft

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Portable Refrigerated Ice Hockey Rink Package 28ft x 46ft

Portable Refrigerated Ice Hockey Rink Package 28' x 46'
(8.53 meters x 14.02 meters)

Showcase rink includes: Supply, delivery and warranties.


1) MYBACKYARDICERINK HP PRO SERIES RESIDENTIAL GRADE: (NHL-Style) 42” in height - 5’ segmented radius corners:

  • RINK SIZE28 feet (width) X 46 feet (length)
  • SURFACE AREA: 1,266.54 square feet 
  • PERIMETER: 140.5 lineat feet
  • BOARD PANELS: High-density white plastic, type HDPE UV treated, .440” attached to the frame
  • FRAMING: Aluminum (2 in x 1 in x 1/8 thick) with vertical beam
  • FINISH: Clear anodize
  • WELDING: Welding compliant to both ASW & CSA W47.2 standards
  • MOUNTING: Bracket system for support  20” x 10”, with necessary concrete anchors included
  • PLAYER DOOR: One (1) door & opening 48 inches wide with stainless steel hinge system
  • UTILITY/SERVICE GATE: none - available upon request
  • HANDRAIL: High-density blue or red polyethylene, type HDPE UV treated
  • KICK PLATE: High-density yellow polyethylene, type UV treated
  • SHIELDING: none - available upon request  POSTS: none - available upon request

2) ONE(1) 10 ton ice rink chiller - low temperature - industrial grade - single-phase
3) Full glycol charge
4) Dual Compressors
5) Process pump(s)
6) Portable, roll out, ice rink piping
7) Main headers with couplings and end caps
8) Main supply & return
9) Piping repair kit
10) Ice rink polyethylene liner- white, 12 MIL, heavy-duty-ripstop
11) All required connectors 12) Transport / Delivery
13) 1.5 Years Warranty


  • Refrigerated Ice Rink for up to 5-7 months, depending on conditions.
  • Portable
  • Storable
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